Maximizing Student Strengths—Optimizing College Choices  

Elizabeth Krieg College ConsultingThe college search and application process can be a source of conflict and stress between parents and students. An independent college counselor can help to keep the student on track and prevent families from being overwhelmed by the process.

By acting as an objective but caring third party, an independent college counselor can offer confidence in decisions and maintain peace at home.

As an expert in the process, an independent college counselor can offer an edge in the highly complicated and unpredictable “college admissions game.” Finally, at many high schools the guidance staff simply does not have enough time to offer students and families the support and attention that is desired.

Elizabeth Krieg College ConsultingElizabeth Krieg helps students discover their individual talents and interests, and develops a plan to maximize those talents and interests with their course choices, extracurricular pursuits,  summer plans, and testing plan. Drawing on her tenure as Director of College Guidance at University School of Milwaukee, Elizabeth creates a customized college list and research strategy.  Finally, Elizabeth assists in the preparation of winning applications and manages the college application process. Read more.